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An Online Summit for Marketing and Sales Professionals Who Want to Learn and Optimize Their Careers and Sales Funnel 
An Online Summit for Marketing and Sales Professionals Who Want to Learn and Optimize Their Careers and Sales Funnel 

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What is the Demand Gen Summit?
The Demand Gen Summit is a chance for thousands of the world's brightest managers and reps to learn how to optimize each step of their funnel. At this year’s Summit you can expect to learn how to...

Drive Demand
Learn from the world's best marketers and Demand Generation managers how to get visitors into your funnel. Find out how they are using conversational marketing to target their ideal customers and get them on their website. They will cover the future of marketing, best practices for designing conversations, omnichannel marketing and live chat adoption.  
Engage Demand
The top business development reps will be sharing their knowledge of how to engage your visitors. They will reveal proven steps for business development reps' success. These best practices will include: the future of customer engagement, tactics to building bots that convert, keys to personalization at scale and using data to drive decisions.
Close Demand
The best sales managers and reps will be sharing how they close deals. Topics will include: how to use chatbots to book sales meetings, how to accelerate the sales funnel and how companies are motivating, hiring and compensating sales teams. 
Henry Schuck and Dave Elkington discuss the current state of sales and marketing in regards to effectively in your go-to-market strategy using personal information while navigating privacy, COVID-19, and legal compliance.
David Elkington
Chairman of the Board
Henry Schuck
Founder & CEO

Kraig Kleeman
Author, Speaker
Anna Crowe
Crowe PR
Suaad Sait
Rick Tolman
VP of Demand Gen
Mark Maughan
VP of Business Operations 
Clint Betts
Silicon Slopes
Latané Conant
Chief Marketing Officer
Kyle Coleman
VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement
Chad Burmeister
CEO and Founder
Brian Carroll
CEO and Founder
Gabe Larsen 
VP of Growth
Bob Stolzberg
Founder and CEO
VoiceXP + Ping Pilot
Mark Bryson
Consulting Manager
Manager of Ops
Anil Somaney
Global Head of Pipeline
James Oldroyd
Professor of Strategy
David Lewis
CEO and Founder
Matt Heinz
Heinz Marketing
Sarah Schreiner
Sr. Client Insights Analyst
Lianna Kinard
VP of Marketing
The Buckner Company
Matt Wolach
B2B Sales Coach
Bryan Urioste
Alert Logic

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- Demand Gen & Sales Leaders 
- Thought Leaders

During this 4 hour event, you will hear on demand content from 30+ sales and marketing leaders, managers, and reps about best practices for funnel optimization. 
Outline of the Event
Each speaker will be presenting for 15-20 minutes. After the event, all registrants will have access to all the sessions on demand.
9:00 am PT
10:00 am PT
11:00 am PT
12:00 pm PT
1:00 pm PT
Welcome Keynote
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Welcome Keynote
9:00 am PT
Block 1
10:00 am PT
Block 2
11:00 am PT
Block 3
12:00 pm PT
Block 4
1:00 pm PT

What to Expect at the Demand Gen Summit

Demand Gen Managers
Generate Pipeline: Learn how companies are building their go-to-market sales development organizations.
Instigate Engagement: Discover what tools companies are using to engage visitors at the right time, at the right place.
Increase Conversion: Find out what techniques companies are using to increase conversion rates across their entire website.
Drive Channels: Explore which channels companies are using to drive prospects to their website. 
VP/Director of Demand Gen
Discover Strategies: Hear what techniques companies are using to improve decisions and drive improvement.
Learn Best Practices: Get a glimpse at how companies are staying ahead of the curve. 
Lead Organizations: Learn how companies are hiring, motivating, and compensating employees.
Build Source Customers: Discover how companies are quickly and effectively driving, engaging, and closing demand. 
Marketing and Sales Ops
Measure Results: Find out which tools companies are using to collect the most useful data.
Discover Technologies: See what leading technologies companies are using to get ahead of the curve
Monitor Campaigns: Uncover what strategies companies are using to create, run, and test successful campaigns 
Analyze Outcomes: Discover how companies are making quick fundamental decisions and analyzing data to drive continual improvements.
Sales/Business Development Reps
Identify Prospects:  See how companies are identifying target accounts and contacts for their prospecting efforts.
Engage Visitors: Find out what strategies companies are using to initiate effective conversations with prospects.
Effectively Qualify: Get an inside look at what techniques companies are using to make qualifying prospects seamless and fast.
Strengthen Sales Partnerships: Learn how companies are improving sales development reps' relationships to accelerate the sales funnel.
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